Svgtex is a Blender plugin. It uses content of *.svg files as textures. This component is free (available on General Public License), Open Source code

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(This svgtex version was updated on 2010-04-23)

General comments
In svgtex code, I have used sources written by:
  • Marcelo de Gomensoro Malheiros: on 2008 placed on Blender Artists Forum source of conceptual Blender plugin, named vectex. Vectex used AGG library for drawing SVG pictures. In fact, vectex's SVG interpreter was an updated code from one of AGG examples. Svgtex it is a redesigned and improved vectex;
  • Maxim Shemanarev: author of AGG library. in particular - the exemplary SVG parser. The functionality of this parser was then improved in vectex and then in svgtex;
  • James Clark: author of EXPAT XML parser. Maxim Shemanarev used this parser in his SVG example, so we have followed;
  • My efforts concentrated on extending the functionality of the SVG interpreter. Actually it covers most of SVG features. I had also rewritten the original vectex code — it is based on clearly defined C++ classes, now.

    Source code is packed in the file. It contains complete svgtex project. (I have removed just the AGG examples, to minimize its size). This is a Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 project. I have used this compiler from previous century to obtain relatively small binary files, with no external dependencies. I expect, that it is possible to import such project into most of the modern IDEs. I have prepared also the "command line" makefiles, for compilers like GNU g++. They have name Compile.mak, and are placed in svgtex (the plugin) and svgview (test viewer) directories. Adapt them for your linker/compiler.

    General comments on using svgtex as the Blender plugin are placed in svgtex.txt file. In Compatibility.txt file you will find notes on implementation of SVG features. To learn the code, start with reading comments in svg_element.h. (I am a freak, who have habit to comment every declaration just when it is placed in the code. I do it mainly for my own sake — when I come back to a program after many years, comments let me dig quickly into the subject!)